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For me to be able to create a good pet portrait pencil drawing, I need a good quality photograph, the more detail in the photo, the better your portrait will be. It is especially important that I can distinguish the colour of your pet's eyes and be able to see the direction of the fur.

It is highly important that the photo is sharp and in focus. Unfortunately I am unable to work from blurry photos.

A good tip is to take your pet's photo in natural day light, preferably outdoors. The best time is on a bright overcast day but not in direct sunlight as this can wash out details and colours and create unflattering shadows. for the same reason, it's also important never to use a flash and it will help prevent glowing eye effects.

It is advisable to get down to eye level with your pet and try to fill the frame. I only need the head and shoulders to work from. A good tip is to enlist the help from someone else to get their attention with a favourite toy or treat.

In general it is better to use a proper camera rather than a camera phone as you're more likely to obtain brighter, sharper pictures.

Try to capture as many good photos as you can and choose one that you love and shows the look you love about your pet. You may want to send me a few to choose from but remember that the better the photo, the better the pencil drawing, i will be able to create for you.

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